Batman - Characters

Lego Batman Character

Batman - The Dark Knight - As a young boy - Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents cold blooded murder by an unknown gunman and has since vowed revenge against anyone who breaks the law! Bruce Wayne has trained for many years to learn and perfect is various defence disciplines. He has learnt to become an extraordinary martial artist, escape artist and master of disguise. Batman has the ability to strike fear in his opponents whilst still maintaining his alter ego and hiding his try identity.

Lego Joker Character

The Joker - The Joker is Batmans greatest enemy. There is mystery surrounding the real Joker but we do know that he was once a hitman for Gotham crime bosses before becoming the "Clown Price of Crime" after a terrible accident. The joker takes pleasure in causing mayhem and breaking every law. Batman is usually the subject of a game of cat and mouse when the Joker is around!

Jokers main weapons against Batman include his razer like playing cards, laughing gas and a strong chemical compound that infects his victims upon contact.

Lego Two Face Character

Two Face - Harvey Dent was once Gotham City's District Attorney and he was known as the true enforcer of law and order. A freak explosion during a fight between him and a mob boss caused the loss of the whole of the left side of Dent's body. The explosion was strong enough to cause Dent to take on his alter personality where right and wrong no longer has any meaning.

As Two Face he relies solely on chance, a flip of a coin, to make everyday decisions. One day he exists as Dent, another as Two Face..the coin controls everything!

Lego Catwomen Character

Catwomen - Known originally as Selina Kyle - she has always had a soft touch for cats! Both beautiful and yet deadly, Catwomen has a different relationship with Batman than the other Gotham city characters. She is attracted to the dark side of Batman and Batman also shares the attracted in return. The law separates the two from ever having anything together but there is always a spark in the air when the two are together!

Lego Mr Freeze Character

Mr Freeze - Mr Freeze (Dr Victor Fries) was once one of Gotham City's best scientists and researchers. His work in the cryogenic field was second to none! After a long fight to save his wifes life using his cryogenic research, Dr Fries become involved in a fight with the bureaucrats of Gothcorp. The result of this fight was Dr Fries being smashed into his own freezing chamber! The accident covered Dr Fries body in freezing solution, meaning he was unable to survive outside of a sub-zero environment. He has ever since vowed revenge on those who had been against him.

As a result of having to live inside a vacuum tight suit - Mr Freeze has gained triple strength. After building his laser-powered cold gun..Mr Freeze was born.

Lego The Riddler Character

The Riddler - Real name Edward Nygma, was a computer genius who was fascinated with riddles and complex puzzles as a small child. Edward was a bit of a strange boy but extremely intelligent. He would usually be found cheating at school and feeling superior to his fellow class mates. As Edward grew up his passion for criminal activity led to the name of The Riddler. The Ridderl uses a range of technological gizmos in his arsenal and is best known for his use of the ? cone which he uses to intimidate his enemies. The Riddler hates Batman, mainly due to the fact that Batman is surprisingly clever and is able to solve The Riddlers games.

Lego Poison Ivy Character

Poison Ivy - Real name Pamela Lillian Isley, she was well known as a exceptionally skilled botanist. After learning that she has an amazing immune system that causes her body to reject almost any infection, contamination or poison she adapts the name Poison Ivy. Her twist of fate and consequential crime spree commences! For those who harm the environment are subject to Poison Ivy’s wrath. She is incredibly seductive and is usually caught luring wealthy men into her trap. Her arsenal consists of poison perfumes and lipstick in addition to strange plant creatures of her own design.

Lego Penguin Character

The Penguin - Real name Oswald Cobblepot, The Penguin was born very short with a wobbly body and a bird like nose. Even though he was from a rich family he was treated as an outcast which would lead him to become a violent criminal. The Penguin’s life is full of crime and evil but yet he lives as if he is still a member of high society and upper class. The Penguins deadly trademark are his umbrellas which he readily uses to execute his evil plans.