Batman Lego Sets

Lego The Batmobile Two-Face's Escape

LEGO Batman - The Batmobile: Two-Face's Escape
386 LEGO pieces
25cm long
This set contains two vehicles - the Batmobile and Two Faces get away car. The Batmobile can fire its rocket into the side panel of Two Faces car to send Two Face flying out. The set also includes a city roadblock, Batman, Two Face and also the evil henchman mini figures.

The Penguin and Mr. Freeze's Invasion

The Batcave: The Penguin and Mr. Freeze's Invasion
1075 LEGO pieces
Batman, Robin and butler Alfred must try to stop Mr Freeze and Penguin taking revenage in the Dark Knights hidden lair. This set includes a huge range of miniatures and vehicles. Included are vehicles for Batman and Robin, a Penguin sub model and a henchmen, two level control centre, a net and rocket launcher, a secret entrance, a prison cell, custome transformation chamber, a dock for the Batboart and repair bay for the batmobile and many others. This is a huge set and probably one of the best!

The Joker's Aerial Assault

LEGO Batman - The Batwing: The Joker's Aerial Assault
523 LEGO pieces
Batwing 38 cm long, Joker Copter 23 cm long
This set includes two ariel units from the Batman series - The Batwing and the Jokers Copter. Batman's Batwing includes movable wings which hide slide out rockets. These can be fired at the Jokers Copter which will eject the Joker from the copter. Also included in the set are Batman, Joker, Henchmen and other gadgets and weapons.

Lego Batman Dragster

The Batman Dragster - Catwoman Pursuit
92 LEGO pieces
24 cm long
Set includes Batman’s dragster mobile with speedy rockets and Catwoman’s motorbike. The dragster has flick-fire missles (which can be flicked with your fingers), a spin reveal lazer cannon, cockpit lid that opens and closes, rotating front axel and working rear tires. The set also includes Batman and Catwoman mini figures.

Lego Batman Batboat

Batboat - Hunt for Killer Croc
188 LEGO pieces
29 cm long
The swamps of Gotham provide refuge for the distinguished rogue Killer Croc. This set includes 3 great lego vehicles – Batmans Hydrofoil, Batmans detachable runabout and of course the Croc’s boat. One nice feature of this set is the attention to detail. The Batman figure comes with batcuffs, batrangs and even a removable cowl. This set is truly marvellous and a joy to build.

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